Art&Love Caravan

ART&LOVE Caravan is an art and education project based on bringing people from post conflict countries together. It took place in Western Balkans (ex Yugoslavia countries), including: Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro.
In 2016/2017 ART&LOVE CARAVAN was implemented for the first time. We offered free art craft workshops and nonviolent communication workshops for children where we talked about nonviolence, problem solving, conflict prevention issues using art forms.

The purpose of this project was to connect people through art and nonviolent communication after all conflicts in this region. Kids on our workshops painted on stones and talked about Giraffe language (compassionate communication). It was joyful and so much fun to learn about nonviolence and how to talk like Giraffe, not like Jackal!
After this amazing experience we have decided that ART&LOVE CARAVAN project will continue for sure in the future.
We are motivated to bring people together to share their hopes and fears about life, to exchange experiences about it and to do it through art. No matter how different we may look like, we are all the same!
So, this is exactly what was the main purpose and mission for ART&LOVE CARAVAN Project. It was partially supported by a grant from Burners Without Borders and many other amazing friends.